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Cast a wide net in the talent market

ViBio allows you to look at candidates you wouldn’t otherwise consider through traditional recruiting methods.

Save time in your hiring process

Recruiters typically spend a third of their valuable time interviewing candidates they dismiss within the first 5 minutes of the interview. ViBio makes the candidate selection simpler and faster

Efficient Recruiting!

When hiring for a star employee, information on resumes is useful but it does not capture things like personality, communication skills, presentation, and enthusiasm … those are all things you can see first hand through a quick minute video biography.

Victoria Mcdonald

Account Manager

Robert Li

Graphic Designer

Josh Zamfir

Software Developer

Jessie Collins

Financial Analyst

How it works

Quite Simple!


Search Profiles

Search candidates based on location, experience, education and more

Watch Candidate Videos

Watch 2-5 min videos and brows through and allow them to seduce you with there talents

Select desired candidates

You have the ability to select a number of candidates you chose to explore opportunities with

Send Interview requests

Through our integrated calendar feature, you will be able to send interview or phone conversation requests without the manual process

Try us for free while on Beta!

As we recently released our beta product, ViBio is extending an exclusive offer to employers willing to test the tool for free in exchange for feedback.

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