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When recruiters look for candidates with a certain personality or a good level of communication skills, resumes don’t tell them where to look. ViBio puts candidates on the map

Tell your story

Resumes are great at presenting your past experiences, but you miss out on the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the other candidates, and tell your story to prospective employers

How it works

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It only takes 10 seconds for your profile to be created

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Record a 5 minute video biography detailing your career interests and accomplishments


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Add your resume, hobbies, interests, blogs…etc. This could help set you apart


Let employers come after you!

Exclusive Offer!

As a token of appreciation, ViBio is extending an exclusive offer of Career Coaching Services for it’s early users in Canada.

Our experienced recruiters will offer services such as:

  • Career Coaching
  • Salary & Compensation
  • Candidate Branding